What Parents and Students are Saying

Hear why students and parents are excited about Flex Academy!

"Flex Academy has been a great fit for my daughter.  The small size has been great in comparison to her large public middle school.  She had a great educational experience her 7th grade year and is looking forward to 8th grade!"  -Flex Parent

"I have nothing but great things to say about Flex Academy and their wonderful staff"  -Flex Parent

"Being a new school, we figured it'd be a good opportunity for him. He can grow with the school"
Joe Partida - Parent

"I want to be known as one of the first kids to go to Flex Academy"
Fernando Raucho-Rivera - Student

"We don't have to wait for other classmates to hurry up, because some of us like to work fast, and I'm one of those people"
Diana Barrera Garcia - Student

"You know what's going on for the week and you can strategize"
Alicia Schaeffer - Parent