Blended Learning

Students attend Minnesota Flex Academy in Richfield five days a week from 9:00 - 4:00pm. Students are required to attend for a full day of instruction. Instruction is delivered in the classroom and independently, both online and offline with supervision and support. Minnesota Flex students have access to a school assigned computer at no charge. Extracurriculuar activities are available afterschool.

Class sizes are small, and differ on a day-to-day and period-to-period basis, based on the needs of the students and how they are progressing. Class time is dedicated to helping students master what they have not yet mastered through both direct instruction from their teachers and via the online curriculum. Struggling students can recieve more help from teachers during the school day as well as after school.

Although the program is individualized to each student's strengths and areas in need of improvement, students must demonstrate minimum progress through the curriculum. Individualized learning paths are created for each student and are re-calibrated and updated on a weekly basis by teachers, based on real-time data that is available through daily, unit and semester assessments.

As a public school, MN Flex students must demonstrate their knowledge and skills through school assessments as well as required state standardized tests.

Want to learn more about Blended Learning? Check out this video!

Diagram of study and collaborative spaces