What grades will Flex serve?

We are currently enrolling for grades 5th, 6th & 7th to open our school for the 2015-16 school year. We will add a grade each year starting with 8th grade in 2016.

Will you provide transportation?

We will offer transportation for students in Richfield, Bloomington, and South Minneapolis. If we have enough students from other communities, we will consider adding routes to transport those students as well.

Do students wear uniforms?

Yes. Our students will wear uniforms.

What electives will you offer?

We intend to offer Art, PE and Foreign Languages.

What are your start and end times?

We are planning a 9:00-4:00 school day Monday through Friday following a traditional school calendar.

Will you offer after school activities and social events for students?

Yes, we do intend to have after school activities. We intend to offer student interest generated clubs led by staff and interested volunteers.

Are there tuition costs?

Flex Academy is tuition free and recieves the same state and federal funds that support students in conventional public schools and will be supplemented, initially by additional resources.

Who may attend?

Flex Academy is open to all 5th - 7th graders, regardless of whether they previously attended public, private, or home school. Part-time attendance is an option at Flex (call for more information)

What are the class sizes?

Flex Academy will always have class sizes of 18 or less

How does Flex Academy differ from a more traditional public school?

  • Personalized Education: our school model allows students to progress at their own pace with a mastery based approached to every lesson
  • Flexibility: Students have the flexibility in how they learn throughout the day
  • Small Class Sizes and Project-Based Learning: Our student to teacher ratio will always be less than 18:1
  • Safe Learning Environment: Our small class sizes and the ability for students to learn at their own pace helps to build self-confidence in students
  • Developmental Design: This will be used to meet the social and academic needs of our students to create a supportive learning community