Flex Fast Facts

Type of School

Flex Academy is a 5th–8th grade, public charter school, utilizing Blended Learning with a college preparatory curriculum, founded in 2015.


The majority of students at Flex Academy come Richfield, Bloomington, Minneapolis, and Edina. We provide busing to all of these cities.


As a public charter school, Flex Academy accepts all students if there are seats available.

Teacher/Student Ratio

Our class sizes will NEVER exceed 18 students

Current Enrollment

  • 5th Grade—3 students
  • 6th Grade—27 students
  • 7th Grade—17 students


9 AM–4 PM

After School Clubs

Flex Academy offers a variety of after school clubs from 4–5 PM. Some of the clubs are: Newspaper, Minecraft, and Russian Culture Club.